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Lost Cruces Escape Room

Think your way to victory - in 60 minutes or less!


Recognized as one of the highest-quality guest experiences in the southwest US, Lost Cruces offers escape room experiences and talent management consulting services for professional team and leadership development. Combining basic common knowledge with creative problem-solving, participant groups of up to 12 people have 60 minutes to solve their way out of The Heist, Ariana's Wedding or any of our other game spaces. Open 7 days a week with games starting every odd hour between 1 and 9 PM. All-ages, all-access, all-inclusive, family-friendly spaces and themes are suitable for all audiences and experience levels. Book and ticket at least one hour before arrival at $28 per person 8 years of age and up. Come as you are - pre-game briefing provides all needed information and items.

Address: 755 S. Telshor, Suite G4, Las Cruces 88011